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Island Trešnjevka, lake Jarun, Zagreb, Croatia

Island Trešnjevka, lake Jarun

All the participants of the 3rd Zagreb Harley-Davidson Rally will have a unique opportunity to ride on their motorcycles around the lake to the central meeting point on island Trešnjevka, only for the occasion during this event.

Jarun Lake, as we call it the Zagreb Sea, has great tourist offer, gorgeous restaurants, bars and night clubs and pathways around the entire lake along with a beach for swimmers.

With the first warm spring day Jarun Lake becomes the center of Zagreb nightlife and a place for Zagreb’s party crowd. The 3rd Zagreb Harley-Davidson Rally stage will show Croatia’s best rock bands and DJ’s who will entertain you, out in the open until the early morning hours!

Otok Tresnjevka by M. Vrdoljak

Ownership of the Zagreb’s tourist board archive / M. Vrdoljak (

Grad Zagreb by Davor Perinovic


Meet Zagreb! The Capital of Croatia, the city of a million hearts, and open doors, tremendous history and interesting personalities. Get to know Zagreb where visitors are advised to just relax and take in the atmosphere of the city whose beauty is only exceeded by the loveliness of its women.


Come to Croatia, the land of the tie and the pen, beautiful sea, thousand islands, unbeatable athletes, excellent continental and mediteranian cousine, top quality wines, great beer, nice highways, and empty local roads. Meet the country of warm people, cheerful hosts and even better bikers. Croatia is the land of extraordinary and fantastic motorcycle routs and experiences. In no time you will have a time of your life and unforgettable moments!

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